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Artist Statement

This Art of animals, landforms, and symbolic abstracts are sculpted through layered paper materials bonded with papier-mache. This then enables impactful larger-scale works that are lightweight and wall-friendly. A closer look will reveal the details of textures created using aggressively layered brushstrokes. The tactile nature of creating with traditional methods displays an appreciation for simplicity expressed in the materials used: cardboard, glue, and paint. Creativity often emerges with the limitations within a given task. In my studio there is always a collection of cardboard, ready to be re-purposed.


Growing up in rural Wisconsin in the 80s, I always had access to cardboard and paint. So, I made city models and creature costumes based on pop culture. In 2001 I earned a degree in Visual Communications and 3D Animation. This has allowed me to work over the last 20+ years as a creative concept and graphic designer for major brands, retailers, and organizations. In 2010, I re-discovered my childhood interest in the art of cardboard sculpture. Since then, I’ve made over 150 unique artworks of abstract characters, animals, locations, and story-driven sculptures. Wisconsin has always been home to my wife Gena and I with our four children.

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Wisconsin, USA


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