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Quick Reference Q & A

How do you pronounce Kaselau?



Where is your studio located?

beautiful, Eau Claire, Wisconsin USA


Do you offer studio tours?

At this time I don't have a studio open to the public, but I do have 4 rather loud dogs that make visits challenging.


Do you offer demos, classes and art talks?

Yes, I've provided demos to middle schoolers and adults. It's fun to share my process. Send me an Email below and we'll discuss opportunities.


What materials do you use?

I primarily use cardboard, paper mache with flour and water, brown paper bags,  acrylic paint. In some cases, I've added wire and oven-baked clay.


Do you show in galleries?

Yes, I frequently participate in gallery shows. I generally post about these events on my Facebook. If you are a gallery interested in having my work, I look forward to hearing from you.


Can I pick up or you deliver artwork?

It's a possibility, for larger works this may be easier than packing it up for shipment. Reach out with the form below, we'll discuss options.


Do you do commissioned work?

Yes indeed. I've collaborated with many individual collectors and businesses to create specialty works that fit the client's size, budget, and theme.

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